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General Questions

Trader’s Helmet is an academy that trains newbies on how to earn a  steady income from the 5.5 trillion dollars forex market. We offer dynamic, innovative and interactive packages specially tailored to help  our students circumvent the pitfalls lurking in the market.

Trader’s Helmet is not an investment platform. We do not take your money to trade for you. Our aim is to make you adroit enough to be able to trade by yourself.

The short answer is NO. We appreciate the fact that not everyone  interested in learning how to trade forex is tech savvy and having that in mind, our packages are designed to lower the learning curve. Learning how to trade couldn’t be simpler than we have made it.

We have always had students from all over the world. So whether you live in  the US, Belize or New Zealand, we have got you covered.

Our training is designed to have you learning at your own pace.

You can access our Gold Package here, our Diamond Package here and our Platinum Package here.

Yes. Each of our packages comes together with a mentorship programme  corresponding to the length of the package. Our mentorship is trader-specific, depending on your availability, time frame and location.

Trader’s Helmet consistently sends free signals to the students on each  of our packages.

Definitely. In fact, this is recommended before committing to full-time  trading, if that’s your goal. Most of our current and former students are part-time traders with day jobs and businesses.

Yes. We are always open to conduct small and large scale training of any size

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