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Trader’s Helmet is an intensive, comprehensive learning platform birthed from the need to properly introduce to, and wean interested individuals in the forex market, the biggest financial market in the world, with a daily volume of $5.5 trillion.
Our carefully tailored packages are geared towards individual investors or traders – novice or intermediate – who desire to learn or sharpen their trading skills and knowledge. Our courses cover a broad spectrum of styles, techniques, tools and insights, along with a mentorship programme to ensure our students have the proper guidance as they enter the market.
We are highly dedicated and steadfast in our commitment to provide the best possible forex education, produced in  simple-to-learn formats and taught by a results-driven forex maverick.
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Meet the Founders of Tradershelmet.com


Adept in tech and commerce, and with a fiery passion and drive for breaking boundaries and conquering new territories, this young established Telecoms CEO doubles as a successful International Money Market Trader and Trainer.

He is on a CATCH-THEM-NOW mission to mentor and equip all and sundry with trading ability that ensures profitability.

With more than four successful years of experience in the Forex Market and counting, he has exposed avid learners to the reality of learning a skill-set, which can earn them $100 or more daily. You too can earn. Yes, you!

A motivational speaker and trainer, he is backed by irrefutable results, skill and consistency to impact his wealth of knowledge.

Having money is one thing. Ensuring it makes you more money is another. Why don’t you allow this forex phenom help you channel out a new stream of income? What’s the worst that could happen? – You make more money.

Choice Ndon
Choice Ndon
Our co-founder, Egharevba Frances is a serial entrepreneur who has had several years of experience successfully running businesses both on her own and in partnership with local and multinational companies.
Passionate about exploring and breaking new ground, she discovered the world of forex trading and has since gone on to become adept at it, consistently posting strong returns on investment.
Egahreba Frances
Egharevba Frances

With over five years of solid and applicable experience in the foreign exchange market and cryptocurrency, our co-founder Ann Aneke comes with a wealth of understanding of forex and financial markets as a whole.

A Trader and lifelong coach, Ann is motivated by both challenges and achievement. She is driven by a passion to impact the minds and lives of students by helping them lay out an educational path to their self-created success.

She is also a highly successful entrepreneur and businesswoman.

Ann Aneke
Ann Aneke
Samm Ikwue
Samm Ikwue
Resident Market Chaotist

Samm is the Resident Market Chaotist at Traders Helmet. A chaotist is a financial market professional who applies the precepts of chaos theory and fractal geometry to the understanding and interpretation of financial market dynamics.

An experienced senior practitioner in the field with over 15 years of experience, Samm is noted to be the first in the world to apply the famous chaotic equation known as the Logistic Map to the analysis and timing of financial markets.

This mathematical breakthrough is particularly profound in that it has led to the development of the innovative trading application Orbit the Tool. Orbit the Tool is rated to be a most powerful and accurate application in trading.

Because the application is driven by the market equation, its ability to time the ups and downs of all financial markets is unparalleled. The application is visual and therefore unique, in that Orbit the Tool makes it easy to win trades consistently and is therefore for a boon to traders worldwide.

Samm is also the CEO, Founder and Market Chaotist at Fractal Visions, the maker of Orbit the Tool. This flagship invention is targeted toward the worldwide audience of traders and would-be participants in financial markets who would otherwise not have found participation simple and consistently profitable in these lucrative markets.

In addition, Samm Ikwue has extensive experience in the corporate world. Samm worked for an erstwhile Shell International Petroleum Company Opco in Nigeria as a manager in Brand Management and Communications, as well as Corporate Planning, where he was Head of Business Modelling.

Samm has also been a top hand in the International Development sphere as Country Director for the Multi-Million Dollar NetMark Africa (USAID) project and Market Specialist and international hire at the DFID SUNMAP project.

He is married and blessed with a daughter.

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